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Home Mortgage Loans in Wisconsin

Becoming a homeowner is one of the most important life achievements. Everyone needs a place to call their own, especially when raising a family. Sadly, buying a home can often be difficult for a lot of people who can’t afford a down payment.

Luckily, GO Mortgage is here in Wisconsin, offering various and flexible home loan options. We provide different home mortgage loans through which you can finance your living space and pay over time.

USDA Home Loans Wisconsin

USDA loans offer 100% financing for eligible borrowers in rural areas and since most areas in Wisconsin are eligible for USDA loans, it may be a perfect opportunity to see if you qualify.

Some of the most important benefits of our USDA home loans are:

  • They are available for families with lower income and credit scores above 620
  • Mortgage insurance premiums are reduced compared to other loan options
  • Up to 100% financing with $0 down

VA Home Loans Wisconsin

Our VA home loans are backed by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. If you are an eligible veteran or a spouse of a military person, you can qualify for this loan.

Some of the benefits these loans offer are no down payments and low interest rates that can be fixed or adjustable.

At GO Mortgage, we can help you understand the differences between various loan options and help you find the one that suits your needs. You can also refinance your VA loans with GO Mortgage to reduce interest further.

Conventional Home Loans Wisconsin

Fannie Mae Conventional home loans have down payments as low as 3%. Both repeat and new homebuyers can qualify for our Fannie Mae loans.

These loans come with low-interest rates and potentially can be refinanced if rates become lower.

Jumbo Home Loans Wisconsin

Similar to other mortgage loans, Jumbo Loans can have fixed and adjustable rates, but allow for higher loan amounts than other loans. In Wisconsin, Jumbo Loans are mortgages that exceed financing over $510,400 for single family loans. These loans typically require a 15% down payment

Single Close Construction Loans Wisconsin

Single Close loans are a category of loans you can use for building a home. We offer single appraisals, fixed interest rates, and single closing payments, and you can choose any type of home mortgage via the Single Close Construction loan. The important thing about these loans is that you only have to qualify once.

GO Mortgage in Wisconsin has all the financial packages you need for building or buying your brand new home. If you don’t know which loan is best for your situation, please contact us, and we will give you professional guidance!