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Looking to Make Improvements?

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 10/16/20 9:12 AM

The low mortgage rate environment has led to a refinancing boom in 2020, and the trend is likely to continue with rates holding steady at all-time lows.

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Why Now is the Time to Take Advantage of Mortgage Interest Rates.

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 1/11/19 3:50 PM

Homebuyers Act Fast on Plunging Mortgage Rates.

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Topics: hombuyer, mortgage interest rates, first-time homeubyer, home loan advisor

Interest Rates - What Can You Do?

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 11/30/18 2:47 PM

Mortgage rates have a significant role in how much home you can afford.  If you feel like you missed getting a low mortgage rate, keep in mind current rates are still lower than they were 10 years ago and historically, they are still very good.

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Where Does The Money Go?

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 11/16/18 12:05 PM

When buying a home, it’s important to know what your monthly mortgage payment will be, but also what goes into that payment.  Understanding what goes into your payment will help you better know what you can afford and what your dream home will really cost. 


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