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More Than Meets the Eye with Manufactured and Module Homes

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 12/7/18 12:29 PM
GO Mortgage Team

Manufactured and modular homes have dramatically changed in appearance and quality over the years and are fast becoming a great alternative for first-time homebuyers. 


Manufactured homes are no longer thought of as "mobile homes" and are almost indistinguishable from site-built homes.  They now provide many of the same amenities as site-built homes, such as attached garages, pitched roof, and energy efficiencies. 


Modular homes are also built in controlled environments but are typically larger than manufactured homes with full kitchens and bathrooms.  They also offer more customization like sun rooms and fireplaces then manufactured homes.


Manufactured and modular homes are growing in popularity as an alternative to site-built homes.  Differences between manufactured and modular homes:

Manufactured Home

  • Previously known as mobile homes or trailers
  • Must conform to by Federal HUD building code
  • Multi-part sections are joined at their destination and transported on their own wheels
  • Building inspectors may inspect the electrical and propane gas hookups, but are not required to approve the structure
  • They are not always place on a permanent foundation and do not have basements

Modular Home

  • Must conform to all state, local and regional building codes
  • Multi-part sections are joined at their destination and transported on truck beds
  • Building inspectors are required to approve structure and check that all finished work was done properly and up to standards
  • Placed on a permanent foundation and often have full basements

Both manufactured and modular homes offer the advantage of lower costs and quicker build times over traditional site-built homes while still producing the same quality as a site-built home.

Interested in learning more, GO Mortgage offers loan options for both types of homes.

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