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How to Stay Safe when Touring a Home During COVID-19

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 4/24/20 12:46 PM
GO Mortgage Team

Spring typically ushers in the peak season in the housing market and open houses. However, most states are under 'stay at home' orders. National Association of Realtors (NAR) has called on realtors to examine how they can continue to provide essential services to clients while demonstrating care for their well being. In many states, real estate has been categorized as essential services, and that means that home sellers and buyers can continue to take advantage of above-average returns and low-interest rates.

Even though homes for sale are fewer than they were before the pandemic, there are some still going on the market and people are still buying homes. Staying at home is the safest way to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. But that shouldn't necessarily halt your plan for buying or selling a home. 


There are alternative options to a live tour of a home using technology, such as:

  • Three-dimensional interactive property scans 
  • Conduct a live video chat tour 
  • Create a virtual tour

If you feel that you must hold an open house or need to tour a house in-person, there are set safety guidelines for reducing the risk of exposure and spreading the virus at the event. The National Realtor Association has issued new guidelines for conducting safe open houses during the pandemic. These include keeping the gathering to a minimum of 10 people and observing social distance during the open house. 


If you are a seller, ensuring that guests wash their hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entry into your home is essential. It’s important you disinfect surfaces, doorknobs and handles before and after the home tour. Also, try to leave any interior doors open.


If you are a homebuyer, let your realtor open the house, doorknobs and faucet handles during the inspection, so you can avoid touching anything. Wash your hands before and after the tour. Also, make sure to practice social distancing between you and your realtor, the recommended distance between persons is six feet apart.


Work closely with your realtor during this time and determine the best course of action for you when selling or buying your home. Adhering to guidelines could help you hold a safe open house or tour a home in person during the pandemic.


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