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Hottest Zip Codes for 2020

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 10/28/20 1:24 PM
GO Mortgage Team

Realtor.com has published the top 10 hottest zips of 2020.


The top 10 zip codes have seen an increase in demand even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Space has become a key factor for many homebuyers as they look to more suburban areas outside of populated city centers. According to Realtor.com, the average population of the hottest markets is 49 percent smaller than the average population in the top 50 largest metros. These housing markets are also 29 percent less dense (households per square mile) than the top 50 largest metros.


The typical home in these neighborhoods was sold in 18 days, outpacing the national average by 51 days. The median listing price in these zip codes was $335,000, up 1.8 percent year over year. However, these prices were 15 percent cheaper, on average, than their surrounding metros, identifying affordability as an important part of the decision to move to these zip codes.


Ranked order of the hottest zip codes in America for 2020:

  1. 80911 – Colorado Springs, Colorado
  2. 43068 – Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  3. 14617 – Rochester, New York
  4. 02176 – Melrose, Massachusetts
  5. 04106 – South Portland, Maine
  6. 66614 – Topeka, Kansas
  7. 03051 – Hudson, New Hampshire
  8. 01602 – Worcester, Massachusetts
  9. 22152 – Springfield, Virginia
  10. 27604 – Raleigh, North Carolina

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