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GO Mortgage Launches Alexa Skill Mortgage Calculator To Streamline Borrowers’ Mortgage Preparation Process

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 12/5/19 1:18 PM
GO Mortgage Team

The Brookfield, Wisconsin-based mortgage lender is leveraging Amazon’s AI technology to achieve efficiency and transparency for its clientele and enhance their mortgage experience.


MILWAUKEE, WI (December 5th, 2019) — GO Mortgage, a fast-growing mortgage lender in the US, has announced the launch of their new Alexa Skill for calculating monthly mortgage payment rates. The lender becomes one of the first few to tap into Amazon’s artificial intelligence platform to simplify the process of mortgage calculation for consumers.

The company which prides itself on serving an educated consumer base expects that Alexa Skill will enable its current and potential homeowners to make informed decisions when it comes to home buying and refinancing. The calculator can answer critical questions, including what a client can afford, interest rates and monthly payments.


A 2018 survey by Bankrate showed that 30% of homeowners do not know their mortgage rates, and how it affects the cost and the length of the loan. GO Mortgage’s machine learning calculator is poised to help customers better understand how mortgages work and the criteria that lenders use in their computations.


“Automating mortgage calculations for our consumers is part of our greater strategy to create transparency and help them find competitive loans,” said GO Mortgage President Chad Jampedro. “The mathematical procedures for mortgage calculations can be complex, but Alexa Skills breaks it down to the customer level, providing a reliable budgeting tool that gives consistent and accurate results.”


GO Mortgage asserts that the calculator will help customers anticipate whether their budgets can allow them to buy a home or if they are refinancing, how much they can save. Potential homeowners will get to know how much they need to save to afford a given home, by considering down payment, interest rates, and amortization.


About GO Mortgage

GO Mortgage is a Brookfield, Wisconsin-based mortgage lender that operates as a DBA of GSF Mortgage. We have diverse access to the most favorable loan products in the industry, and we direct our efforts to help borrowers find the most affordable homes.

We deliver on our promise of excellence through streamlined customer service and by leveraging the latest technology in mortgage financing. GO Mortgage provides a complete set of home buying loans, construction, renovation, and home refinancing solutions as well as advise borrowers on options for their mortgages.


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Matthew Sell
Director, Marketing
(262) 901-1425

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