How Higher Interest Rates Can Still Benefit You

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 11/9/18 2:08 PM

Many homeowners are taking advantage of cash-out refinance options, which allow them to use the built-up equity in their home for cash to spend on things that matter most to them. 

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Thinking About Building Your Dream Home But Not Sure Where To Start?

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 11/2/18 11:31 AM

Building a new home involves lots of moving parts. It may seem like a daunting task but with a strong home loan advisor to walk you through the process, it can be less overwhelming.

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How to Protect Your Credit When Applying for a Home Loan

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 10/19/18 9:13 AM

As you start the journey for buying your home, it’s important to avoid actions that could change your credit. Your credit score is one of the most important things in securing financing and determining your interest rate.  The following list of items could impact your credit if they change unexpectedly during the mortgage process.

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Journey to Owning a New Home

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 9/28/18 8:24 AM

Buying a home is an exciting adventure and likely one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make.  With multiple steps along the way, it's difficult to not feel overwhelmed.  Here are few highlights of the process to help give you a better idea of what to expect.

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When Rates Don't Matter

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 9/21/18 3:07 PM


Who are we kidding, rates do matter when you are looking at mortgage lender.  But in a competitive market, is there more to look for?

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Don't Look for your Dream Home.  Build It!

Posted by GO Mortgage Team on 9/14/18 9:53 AM

Existing home sales slipped 0.7 percent in July according to the National Association of  Realtors (NAR)  but moderately-priced properties are still being snatched up quickly by buyers.  If you are still having trouble finding your dream home, maybe it’s time to think about building your dream home. 

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